Our Guarantee

Your day is busy and time pressured! As a rider you want to spend as much time as possilbe in the saddle improving both your riding ability and the connection you have with your horse. So, taking time out to be coached on “how your mind works” may not feel like your next big prioirty!  So when you do come and meet us – what we offer has to work!

Our guarantee, is to work with you to achieve quick results, using practical and easy to apply solutions!

Get in Touch When…

… you experience a crisis of confidence, a bout of sudden nerves, a loss of focus or frustration at not producing your best results when you needed it most!

We provide individual coaching and also run seminars that cover these topics or a topic of your choice!

The good news is …. we rarely need to see you more than 3 times which keeps your costs down and ensures results happen fast!

How we Work…

  • We fit in with you!
  • At times to suit you!
  • In ways that suit you; ( face to face, by phone, email or skype).
  • We keep all promises we make
  • We maintain strict confidentiality.
  • We work with you – with or without your horse!
  • Our style is direct, judgement free and includes a big dolup of humour!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your way again!


To find out how to get inside the Mind of a Winner!

9 St. George’s Yard
Castle Street

Phone numbers:
Debbie: 0771 325 2104
Rachael: 0791 262 9433


We are open:
Monday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM

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