“Inside the Mind of a Winner”

A series of seminars or individual clinics


Building Confidence is our most popular Seminar and biggest request for individual coaching.

There are many reasons why a riders’ confidence can peak and trough, but the good news is that you don’t need to read books, study for months or pay big sums of money to get you confidence back on track!

We take a very pragmatic approach to building confidence putting you and your well being right at the heart of it!



Overcoming Nerves is a popular seminar for riders of all levels and ages.

Experiencing anxiety and nerves isn’t something that only happens on Competition days! Every day activities in the stable or hacking out can trigger ‘what if’ worries’, a racing heart beat and a fear of our horse bucking, bolting or both!

No-one is immune to a sudden eruption of nerves and knowing how to deal with it can make the difference between if we ride at all and how much we enjoy it – or not!


Getting in the Zone – what does it feel like? How do you get in it and when?

If you find it hard to remember your Dressage test, or worry about forgetting the Course when you show jump, improving your focus can help.

We take a pragmatic and fun approach to improving your Focus with drills to stretch your brain, test your confidence and reveal ‘the things you say to yourself’ when under pressure!


As riders our bodies often need aligning and attention just as our Mind does!

We can be physically out of balance caused by how we sit, drive, and carry heavy bags with one arm versus the other!

If we don’t correct this inbalance it impacts our riding in many ways; from our horse struggling to get the right canter lead on one rein, to riding with an inconsistent contact, or holding tension in our neck, shoulders and back!

We run private and public clinics to teach you how to address any inbalance in your body!


Preparing to Compete and improving the consistency of a riders performance is a request we get from riders and trainers!

Too often you have a great lesson, ride well at a clinic or when schooling at home, but fnd it difficult to repeat it at a show!

By working with you on how to pay close attention to important details around the routines you use and the habits you follow, we help you learn how to set yourself up for success; at home or away!


To find out how to get inside the Mind of a Winner!

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